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Universal Microsystems
High precision, restrictive flow orifices for
gas flow control
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  • We stock orifices with diameters from 0.0005" to 0.075"
  • SS orifices for diameters >0.030" designated by Fxx where xx is the diameter in 0.001" units
  • Sapphire orifices for diameters between 0.003" and 0.030" with either a beveled or flat inlet
  • Si orifices with diameters between 0.0005" and 0.0100"   
  • See our standard orifices

    Available Bodies and Prices
    VCR Unions

    1/4" M/M w Embossed part# & serial ID
    Info ------ Brochure

    1/4" M/M w Embossed orifice ID
    Info ----- Brochure

    1/4" M/F or F/M w Embossed part#
    & w serial ID Info

    1/8" M/M w Embossed Orifice ID
    info ----- Brochure

    1/4" tube 1.70" or 1.20" length
    w Embossed Orifice ID
  • Use any orifice with compression fittings
  • SS and sapphire orifices for welding


  • flow range available vs orifice diameter

    Verify MFM with insertable, reusable flow restrictor gasket
    Gasket Information

    > M/F and F/F are welded w He leak check 10-9 atm-cm/sec
    > 7 Ra surface finish
    > Restrictors ship 5.0 % flow specification
    > Calibration accuracy 1% @>100 sccm
    > Calibration accuracy from Primary Standards

    Universal Microsystems