Universal Microsystems
High precision, restrictive flow orifices for
gas flow control

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    Orifice Restrictor vs Sintered Media Restrictor
> Better flow repeatability +/- 1percent per lot
> Better Stability,
no clogging
> Lower back pressure effect
> Less dry down time
> Accurate surrogate gas calibration

    Orifice Restrictor vs. Gasket
> Doesn't wear out     - reassemble any number of times
> Readable label   - out of package gaskets have no ID
> Visible component of gas line   - can't be forgotten
> Completely stable flow   -over tightening gaskets can change flow considerably

  Replace an expensive MFC with a pressure regulator,
  a valve and a precision flow orifice.
> Stability & Repeatability 0.1percent vs. 0.2 percent
> Less seat leakage,
10-8 vs. 10-4 atm cc/sec
> Accurate surrogate gas calibration
> Multi-gas compatibility
for each unit
> Lower cost,
fewer system components
> Field interchangeable
Universal Microsystems