Universal Microsystems
High precision, restrictive flow orifices for
gas flow control

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Universal Microsystems partners with TEM Filter, which has been supplying high quality gas filters for the semiconductor industry since 1975. We highly recommend you visit their website www.temfilter.com or call (208) 461-2090 to address your filter needs.
Cut-off filters, combine a restrictor and 99.9999999% filtration. Durning regular operations this part functions as a high quality point-of-use filter. But, if a line break or open valve occurs downstream, the flow can never go beyond a controlled % of normal flow (typically 150% or 200%). It's insurance. If planning on using a restrictor, get the filter too. If specifying a filter, get insurance. When dP is a concern the formula for Po in orifice selection tells how much "insurance" is obtainable. Flow limits can be specified from 100 sccm up to dozens of slm.
Industry standard lengths (3.31" & 2.80") for ease of retrofit
Custom lengths available

Ultraclean, 1 in. dia. filters

Various inlet/outlet fittings (photo)

CAD Drawing, 2.8"MF

CAD Drawing, 3.31
Universal Microsystems