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High precision, restrictive flow orifices for
gas flow control

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To order E-mail us or call 408-828-1460. Our office hours are 8:00AM until 5:00PM Pacific Time. Tell us what gas is involved, what are the inlet and outlet pressures and what fittings you need and we'll take it from there.

Our standard fittings are VCR compatible. The B series body with male/male fittings has an overall length of 1.55" (see photo above). The B-series body with a female fitting on either the outlet or the inlet is 1.80". For detailed dimensions see   Specifications

Alternative fittings, tube stubs, are readily available.

A shorter M/M VCR option, without the PN band, is the G-series body.   G Series Specifications

The H-series body is similar in shape to the G series but retains the 1.55" length of the B-series H-Series Specifications

For a complete list of stock orifices   Stock Orifices
How to Specify B series flow restrictors


Sapphire Orifices are available with the all VCR bodies. Orifice diameters are .003" to .030" in .001" steps. See R & N orifices in Stock Orifices

Silicon Orifices The table below gives you the model number for the precision flow silicon orifice that will generate the indicated flow of N2 gas at the inlet pressure at the top. To convert N2 flow into the equivalent flow of a different gas, multiply by K which is given in Step by Step. K = (Mol. Wt. N2/ Mol. Wt. gas)l/2
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